Sustainability Statement

Sustainability is key to our service at Grafters Recruit Ltd, and our target to become net zero by 2030 underpins our commitment to this. 

Grafters 2030 Carbon Net Zero Commitment

Carbon net zero means that across all of our branches and supply chain, we add no more carbon than we remove. We include emissions that we are directly responsible for, and we go further than this by also including emissions that occur throughout our supply chain activity. 

To achieve this, we will ‘electrify’ as much as we possibly can through deployment of renewable technologies, and then any remaining emissions will be eliminated from our supply chain.

Why should we do this now? 

Our clients and our colleagues tell us it is very important that we make a positive contribution in this area and our directors have a passion to deliver Net Zero before 2030. There are a lot of projects we have already started work on, which already deliver carbon reductions. The 2030 timeframe also gives us time to work out answers to the more difficult challenges.

How are we going to achieve this?

No matter how big or small, every single one of us can make a positive impact, and this will be crucial if we are going to achieve our Net Zero commitment.

Our future activity will be aligned to:

  • Reducing our water and energy consumption. 
  • Generating our own renewable where possible. 
  • Reducing indirect emissions across our supply chain. 
  • All company vehicles are now electric.
  • Reducing plastics and waste and increase recycling rates.
  • Reducing paper usage throughout our candidate registration process.
  • Improve awareness of colleagues and members.

What we have done so far

The following actions have resulted in a reduction of 10,000+ tonnes CO2e. That’s over 10,200 flights to New York and back.

  • Invested in new software (DRS) that has vastly reduced paper usage. We used 1.5 tonnes less paper in 2023 than in 2022.
  • All company cars within Grafters Recruit are now either full electric or Hybrid vehicles.
  • We have switched to green energy purchasing across all our branches
  • All of our branch waste is separated for recycling
  • We supply Electric Vans (with Drivers) to clients for their home delivery service

Our future plans

We know that there is a lot more to be done. We have contacted Ecovadis, completed their questionnaire and are now awaiting guidance on how we can further improve on our Social, Human, Economic and Environmental sustainability targets.